if i can :')

heyy boyy . seriously i'm missing you damn lot . can you start again with me QUSSYURAIHANNOOR ? i miss to hear this ' iloveyou ' from you . i dont need from others . i just need your words . the three magical word that can make me happy and smile all day . please . i miss you a lot sayangg . why would this happen . i'm sorry for all my mistakes . my foolish make us break up . i'm sorry . without you , my world doesnt shine anymore . my heart feel empty . where are you superman ? where are you ? i miss all our time together . remember our first date ? i love it when you hold my hand and we walk together , i miss to stay at the snooker watching you playing it , just you . you did great that day . i miss all that . act , today would be our first anniversary :') happy anniversary superman , *ohh i wish i can say this to you . give me another chance :')
i miss the day you came here to see me . the day i sleep over NAD'S house . you came here at 2 AM . bahaye lahh sayangg . rindu nak tampar kau . rindu nak cepuk kau . rindu nak tarik pipi kau . rindu nak bercakap dengan kau . rindu nak mengarut dengan kau . arghh . aku rindu semuanyee :'| rindu nak menyanyi dekat kau , rindu nak dengar kau tahan gelak time tuhh . aku tahu tak sedap suare aku tapi aku suke nyanyi utk kau . hmm . i really really wish semuanye akan kembali macam dulu mase first first kite kenal .
i make this for you kan biee ? :')